Dr. Katrin Goedsche

Vocational training/ Studies
1986 - 1993: Training and work as a medical - technical X-ray assistant
1993 - 1996: Abitur at the "Thuringia College" Weimar
1996 - 2004: Studies in human medicine at the Friedrich - Schiller University Jena
2005: Doctorate on the topic: "Effect of cold overflow in COPD patients”
2005 – 2006: Specialist training at the Institute for Physiotherapy, University of Jena
2006 – 2010: Specialist training in the inpatient area of ​​the Clinic for Internal Medicine and at the Competence Center for Naturopathic Treatments at the University of Jena
2010 – 2012: Specialist training in a practice for general medicine, Jena

professional activity
2012 – 2017: Employment in a practice for general medicine in Jena as a specialist in general medicine,
there since 2011: osteopathic – naturopathic consultation
since 2017: medical work in the practice of Dr. Krah

further education:
  • Chiropractic Training, ÄMM
  • Osteopathy training, ÄMM
  • Qualification: Nutritional Medicine
  • Additional designation: naturopathic treatment, Kneipp doctors association
  • Manual medicine in children, ÄMM
  • Applied kinesiology course, ICAK-D Nuremberg
  • Basic neural therapy training, DGfAN, 2017
  • Physioenergetics according to van Asche
  • Experiences with drainage procedures (e.g. cupping, fasting), Schuessler salt therapy, phytotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, homeopathic complex therapy
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy